We are delighted that you are getting married and honoured that you are considering letting us help you celebrate such an important and special occasion.

We understand that the key to a fabulous wedding reception is attention to detail and our aim is to help you plan for an event in a way that will be as enjoyable and stress-free as the day itself.

Just like your journey together started with one of you taking a tentative step, all you need to do now is to contact Vicky on 01744 613731 or email her via the dedicated message at the bottom of this page and she will arrange for you to meet with us here to discuss how we can help you make your special day a little bit extra special.


 The pictures above illustrate how the restaurant can be laid out for a Wedding Reception. In this case the Top Table was set out to the left (as seen in the wide angle picture) with an area to the right set out for pre-meal socialising.

 Here at Larkins we will help you to design a customised you Menu to make your day just that little bit more unique then please chat this through when you meet Vicky.


To contact Vicky to arrange a meeting to discuss your special day, simply complete the following form