Sunday Lunch


Larkins Restaurant


1 Course £9     2 Course £12     3 Course £15

Free Tea or Coffee With a 3 course


   Chef Vegetable Soup           Chilled Melon                 

Norwegian Prawn Cocktail      Egg Mayonnaise

Deep Fried Mushrooms Garlic and Chive Dip     

Duck & Orange Pate Hot Toast 

Main Course

From The Carving Station

Roast English Beef Yorkshire Pudding

Roast Leg Lamb Garden Mint Sauce   

 Roast Loin of Pork Brambly Apple Sauce  

  Half Roast Chicken Sage-n-Onion

From The Kitchen

Deep Fried Cod Fillet Tartare Sauce

Cold York Ham on Pineapple & Walnut Salad


Choice of Dessert From The Menu 


Some Dishes on This Menu Contains Nuts or Nut Derivatives

Free With 3 Course’s

Twinnings Everyday Tea £1.75  

 Twinnings Earl grey £2.00              Twinnings Darjeeling £2.00     

          Cappuccino  £2.20                Latte £2.20           Filter Coffee With Cream £1.95

Americano (with cream, hot or cold milk)…£2.20

Espresso…£1.60          Macchiato…£1.70

Mocha…£2.35            Hot Chocolate £2.20