Well, we thought we'd do something different during Halloween this year and wow, is this different!

For those of you who have joined us on one of our ticketed evenings, you'll know that DJ Wink has been the focus of the entertainment on many of them.

And that got us thinking..............

Rather than just do a Halloween menu why not make the evening a bit, well, interactive? And whilst we are not planning on anything as involved as a full blown Rocky Horror Picture Show......how could we, it's a classic that can't be emulated!.......we thought that something with a nod to the genre might work.......So......... if you fancy something different then come on and make a reservation.

DJ Wink will be warping out the tunes.

Appropriate Fancy Dress optional.......Do YOU dare?

Saturday 2nd  November  2013



Rocky Horror Themed Dinner & Disco


Menu Tariff £25.00




Ma’s Red Hot Cauldron Broth with Artisan Breads


Deep Fried King Prawns served with Delicate

 Salads and Sweet Chilli Dip


Poached Mushrooms in Cream Vegetable Stocks and Garlic


Honeydew Melon with Black Forest Ham

and Stem Ginger with Ginger Syrup


Main Courses


Filet Mignons with Bulls Blood

Slices of Prime Fillet Steak will be seared to ‘Medium’ and served with a Rich Full Bodied Red Wine sauce and Topped with a Pan sauté of Onions and Mushrooms


Salmon with Asparagus and Fragrant Pink Peppercorn sauce

Fresh Asparagus and Scottish Salmon will be gently Baked and served with a Fragrantly Pungent sauce of Fish Stocks White Wines Cream and

Whole Pink Peppercorns


Breast Chicken on Black Pudding with Wholegrain Mustard sauce

Steamed to Retain natural juices this Breast of young Chicken will be

presented on Warm Black Pudding and Completed with a Lovely

Wholegrain Mustard and Cream sauce


Devilled Vegetables in Pastry Tartlet (vegetarian)

A Rich assortment of Vegetables are Cooked in a Lighty Curried sauce Filled into a filo Basket and finished with Melting Monteray Jack cheese


All Main Courses served with Vegetables and Potatoes



Your Choice from our Dessert Menu