Larkins Restaurant

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Carte Glace  

Classical Peach Melba  £4.75

Created Especially for the Victorian Opera Singer Dame Nellie Melba. This dessert of Vanilla Ice Cream Peaches and Red Fruit Coulli will be generously Topped with Whipped Cream and finished with Cherries and Fan Wafer.

Tropical Knickerbocker Glory  £5.25

 A Rich mix of Tropical Fruit with lashings of Mango Coullis Filled with 

Rum-n-Raisin Ice Cream and Strawberry Ice Cream completed with

 Dairy Cream Fresh Kiwi Fruit Strawberries and Fan Wafer

Pear Belle Helene  £4.75

Pears Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Creams are smothered with a silken Dark Chocolate sauce and Finished with Whipped Dairy Cream and Fan Wafer

Banana Toffee Waffle  £4.75

Sat on a warm Waffle these freshly sliced Bananas will be combined with Salted Caramel Ice Cream and completed with Toffee sauce and 

Whipped Cream

Affocato Della Di Saronno…..£4.75

2 Boules of Vanilla Ice Cream served with a Rich Dark Espresso Coffee 

and a Glass of Amaretto DiSaronno Liqueur

Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake……£4.75

A Rich Dark Chocolate Fudge cake will be served Warm and presented with Dairy Vanilla Ice Cream

Glorious Summer Berry Coupe  £5.25

Layered between Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberry Ice Cream

 a Cacophony of Glorious Summer Berries with Red Fruit Coullis

is to be Completed with Whipped Cream Fresh Berries and wafer Biscuit

Strawberry Meringue Glace £4.75

Strawberries Soft and Gooey Meringues oodles of Whipped Dairy Cream

 Dark Chocolate sauce and Locally Made Ice Cream create this Dessert

’To Die For’

Death By Chocolate Nut Sundae  £5.25

Three Generous Boules of Rich Chocolate Ice Cream layered with Chopped Nuts and Smothered with Smooth Dark Belgian Chocolate sauce finished with Whipped Cream Chopped Nuts and Crushed Cadbury’s Flake

Simply a Trio of Ice Creams  £4.50

Take Your Choice from our Selection of Locally Made Ice Creams 

served with Caramel sauce Wafer Biscuit and Jug of Pouring Cream

N.B. Some Dishes on This Menu May contain Nuts or Nut Traces & Dairy Products