All Our Yesterday's

The Larkins are a family of restaurateurs and we are justifiably proud of our heritage. However, we are just as proud of the heritage of the building we now trade from, albeit that we only occupy part of this iconic landmark in St Helens. 

We opened the doors to our stupendous restaurant in December 2012.

We are trying to piece together the history of the building and from perusing the internet we understand - and thanks here must go to St Helens Connect - that the building opened as a cinema in 1912 as The Oxford (the Ocky) and closed in 1956. It then reopened as a nightclub in which guise it had a number of names over the years, first as The Plaza; then Cindy's and Lowies before ending up as The Orange House (having traded again for a short while as The Plaza) in which name it was trading when its doors finally closed prior to the brilliant re-development by The Oxford Partnership.

It's main claim to fame (unless you know different) is that the Beatles played here in 1962 before they shot to world-wide stardom.

Many of our customers have fond memories of visiting the building over the years and we want to start recording these memories here. So, if you would like to share your history of the building, especially if you have any photos, then let us know by completing the form lower down this page and we'll get back to you to see if we could share them on this page.

In the meantime, we've posted some pictures that we've found on the web........ just to get you thinking.............


We've had some great feedback from our guests re this part of our website. It's clearly triggered quite a few memories.........

Joanne and Lee emailed to say that they me at Lowies in November 1996. 17 years and 2 children later they are still "going strong"

Message from Larkins': Fabulous to hear that guys.............why don't you book a table to celebrate your forthcoming anniversary......?

Yvonne emailed to say "I used to work at Lowies night club for 2 years when I was 18 glass collecting and cloakroom duties, it was always busy and a great place to work.. The owners look after us by providing taxis home.. fond memories of that time x"

Message from Larkins': Wonderful memories, Yvonne.  Have you any pictures from those times that you could share with us?

Anne, emailed us to say "I remember going to the Plaza throughout the 1960's and seeing many well known bands live including The Searchers, Hermans Hermits, Gerry and the Pacemakers and The Hollies. Heady days and a really good night out for very little very money. Fond memories.....

Message from Larkins': Fabulous memories, Anne. What a shame you don't have any memorabilia that you could let us have! As for having a really good night out for very little money.......well you still can here at Larkins'!

Another of our regulars tells us that her Grandfather used to be one of the Projectionists here when it was a 'picture house'........we've sent her on a mission to see if she's got any keepsakes. If she has then we'll post some images this space! 

Does anyone remember the character Beppe di Marco from Eastenders? He was played by Michael Greco. Well, it seems that he appeared at The Plaza and we've found a huge signed poster that was used to publicise the event. We're hoping to be able to display this in the restaurant but we're going to post an image of it here soon! 

Some more pictures have turned up of the exterior and interior of the building when it was The Plaza Night Club.....we hope they bring back some fond memories. If they do, then perhaps you could share them with us?.................

To send us your memories, then fill in the message box, stating clearly if you object to us posting your memories (either in full or suitably edited) on this website. Should you wish to send any photographs or a longer message then please email us at Again, please remember to clearly state any objections re publication. Thank you